Brand strategist Carol Pierson Holding visited EPIC’s Monday writing group today and laid out the steps to create a
writing brand. “Consistency,” “difference,” and “benefit” were three factors, according to Holding, that turned Hemingway’s ramblings into his brand of an “heroic artist, a macho man of few words, with great appetites.”

Holding led attendees through the branding process, starting with figuring out your “features and functions,” which could include a science background, tragic childhood, or journalism career. Then look for the “benefits” your readers will receive, add in your “personality and values,” and top with “vision and purpose.” Now boil it all down to the essentials, while
keeping in mind your ideal reader, and share it with others. “That’s when the magic happens,” said Holding, because it was a friendly conversation that shocked her into the realization she wasn’t just an environmental writer, but “an environmental muckraker.” And her resulting brand is this: “I am an environmental muckraker for Huffington Post.”

Now it’s your turn. Email us your “brand,” and let us help you build it. Let the magic strike. -Janette