The next series of the EPIC Monday Morning Writing Group runs April 1 - June 3, in the Edmonds Library. Led by, this drop-in group welcomes writers of all levels for a 10 a.m. free-write. At 11 a.m., published authors visit to share marketing and publishing tips.

All are welcome to join this free writing group, although the library conference room has limited space. Writers may want to arrive early to ensure a seat.

Today's EPIC Writing Group tacked wind to sails, storms and razor blades. Our featured guest was Emily Hill of AV Harrison Publishing -- thank you, Emily! I am certain we shall see many of our group published (traditional, micro and indie) soon.

We will not meet on May 28, so for June 4, bring your five metaphors from other people's work, and five of your own metaphors. Our last group is June 11.

Have a wonderful Memorial week! -- Janette
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