EPIC's 2nd V.P. Ed Davis welcomes author Mary Trimble.
"I love self-publishing," said Mary Trimble in her talk today at EPIC Group Writers, which touched on the differences between traditional publishing her first books, "Rosemount," "McClellan's Bluff," and "Tenderfoot," and the total control she found using Amazon's Create Space for her latest work, "

Trimble gave the group copies of her marketing plan for "Tenderfoot," which included visiting remote drug stores (they were good book customers), and blogging weekly with passages from her published works. She also recommends entering contests and searching for "online book listings" to find reviewers. Her works have won awards, which provide legitimacy and publicity. In addition, Trimble writes articles and markets her work with postcards from PS Print -- "they have great sales, sometimes 50% off."

"I work full-time at it," said Trimble, making it clear the life of a published author is not spent reclining on pleasure yachts with a martini. And while she may have started her writing career putting together articles for "Sail" magazine, then moved on to "RV Life" and stories about the West, but "TUBOB" covers her time in Gambia. That's a varied writing career, and one marked by the greatest gift any writer can possess - Trimble has the discipline to finish her books. And with her new understanding of self-publishing, more markets are right around the corner. -Janette

Image from Mary E. Trimble's book.
On Monday, Feb. 11,  author Mary E. Trimble will speak on developing a marketing plan, after EPIC's Monday morning 10 a.m. writing group. Trimble will speak at 11 a.m. The free event is in the Edmonds Library, although seating is limited.

According to Trimble, "Many agents and/or publishers ask for a  marketing plan before they'll consider taking  on an author's work. Even if an author plans to self-publish, having an organized marketing plan is an essential tool." Trimble will provide tips on creating your own marketing plan.

Trimble is the author of "TUBOB:: Two Years in West Africa with the Peace Corps," and "Tenderfoot, Rosemount and McClellan's Bluff." She is a member of Northwest Women Writers, and her website is