Author Naomi Baltuck at EPIC's Monday morning writing group.
"What are you afraid of?" asked award-winning author Naomi Baltuck at today's writing group. "You have to start out with what scares you most." For Baltuck, that meant tackling social media by starting her blog, and adding photos and observational stories to augment the writing tips she posted.

Baltuck's debut novel, , written with her co-writer sister came from a reverence for storytelling. "I taught my children to frame their world as stories," said Baltuck. Those children have gone on to win awards and scholarships for writing.

Baltuck also advised today's group to join PNWA, the Evergreen chapter of RWA (even for non-romance writers), and SCBWI for children's authors. And if the idea scares you, then you know it's something you really need to do now.  -Janette