Fifty shades of gray sky
Or one numbing shade

Fifty shades
Would be a relief
From the monotony
Of skull pressing

Bring back politics!
Anything to
Unwrap the blinding
Colorlessness of uniformity.

A sole red leaf droops despondently
Colors hide themselves
In the fog of forgetfulness.

The sun exists yellow vibrant
Above the stoney skiies.
But we are below.

Unfortunately, buried
Alive, just barely.


This Thanksgiving was going to be different" I would be traveling to be with friends, not family. Family would be too judgmental of me this year. No thanks would be given to me this year for being the discord to the family unity. My husband took the children  and left me, and that was to be my fault surely, he would not be here to blame, he never was, and never would be. Friends they say are the family you choose and I was thankful for having chosen this one so well, it had nothing to do with my gene pool, we just fell into each other emotionally, we forgave and were forgiven our human foibles, the ones that mess up the family gene pool beyond forgiveness. Funny thing, that my chosen family were all childless,  which meant we could sit around the table and drink to our hearts' content and say things not meant for children's ears or others who were sitting at distant tables tonight eating and drinking and speaking far more cautiously than their thoughts. At least this Thanksgiving I could be myself, and not have to account apologetically for being

I do miss my mother though, she always left me a leeway, an allowance to be unique to what I rebelled about. And my father, well, as long as the stuffing and gravy came his way, he would tolerate all the rest
as everyone sat at the same table with him, to give thanks or not for being there. 

It's just another dinner after all, it's just that there is more of it, and less of me.



Dynamic speaker sparked EPIC writers today with mind-mapping techniques for writing a book. "And don't just say you want to write a book," advised Matteson as he pushed the group to write out five goals employing the personal, powerful and present tense.

Thanks, Mark, for passing the good advice our way! 



Claudia, Ed, Janette and Teresa (photo courtesy Kizzie Jones).
Sending many thanks to our dear EPIC writers for your sweet card and Starbucks wishes. What a wonderful time we had this fall in our packed out classes! And now I look forward to returning on Jan. 7 and hearing your stories, continued. -Janette



Ed Davis finds his Rubber Ducky mascot in Arlington.
Betsy Diedrick of NWWW invited the EPIC Group to a brunch in Arlington, and three from Edmonds ventured north today.

Ed Davis, Judith Works of "," and enjoyed meeting NWWW folks, including Betsy, Mary Trimble of "," Patricia Bloom of , and Maxine Brink of . Maxine would like to meet folks who want to form a poetry critique group, so if you are interested, please contact her at maxine"at"adagio-afh.com. And if you want to meet up with NWWW folks, let Betsy know.

We are sending our thanks for the hospitality and good wishes to Betsy and NWWW. And if you ever want to visit us, or speak at one of our Monday morning writing groups, please let us know. Thank you again and we look forward to meeting up again soon.



In honor of Election Day, EPIC writer Rita M. penned this today in Monday morning writing group.

Free From Fear, by EPIC writer Rita M.
The photo put him in another country in another time. Or perhaps the same country but a different universe.
His pin striped suit and working clothes were all he could afford. Franklin was tall, rounded and black tea brown.Seemingly softish, his eyes were as determined as a cobra.
He just returned from another assasination attempt. Underground friends were with him in their only suits or church hats.
Payback time for Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Medgar  Evars. The group had identified a southern Texan cabal who targeted all those fighting for theiir rights. The members went back beyond JFK and forward to future liberty loving candidates. These status quo mind dead criminals must be eliminated. "an eye for an eye" was Franklins motto.
His group "Brothers and  Sisters for Freedom" (BSFF) had identified the perpetrators. Fat white balding men lead by the father of Karl Rove. Some with slicked back black hair, fake twinkling eyes and teeth as
blue white as the inside of a glacier on a sunny day. Frozen hearts glittered  with iicey  hate for the "others."
They planned for destruction. Disrupting voting all ways possible even to creating storms whose devastation made it difficult to get to the polls in states which disallowed paper ballots but forced the   cabal,'s preset electronic voting machines onto the unwilling populace.
Ex-military, ex-CIA ( rogues), vigilantes who parolled the borders in a lawless fantasy of power.

The BSFF would pick them off one by one-- or die in the attempt.



You are invited to two write-ins tomorrow (Sat., Nov.3)  for NaNoWriMo in Edmonds:

10 a.m to noon at Red Petal Cakes with Janette Turner,


1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Edmonds Library with Kim Votry, author of "Make Your Own Magic."

Looking forward to seeing you and your rubby ducky!

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