You've written the great American novel, but it's buried inside your NaNoWriMo manuscript. Luckily, Kim Votry and Pam Stucky provided tips on turning your pages into a masterpiece and then marketing it.

Votry's flow chart, left, laid out the editing process through refining  tense, character names, and scene goals to resolving conflict and proofreading. And her second hand-out, below, had tips on writing reviews of books to generate good karma.

Stucky advised folks to get connected to review blogs and email newsletters to keep readers interested. One of Stucky's favorite connecting tools is Twitter. "You need to build honest relationships," said Stucky, "and write interesting tweets." Plus you can't forget to bring treats to book signings. 

One final tip both writers agreed upon was "perseverance." 

So, put these tips to good practice and follow the authors here:

Kim Votry's book, "," is a NaNo book for young writers. Here's her and .

's book series starts with "," and here's her  and



01/12/2013 8:19am

Oh wouldn't it be nice to have a link to a PDF of the handout for those of us who had another commitment on Monday at 11! So tantalizing to just see the blur......
As for Pam's remarks, right on; Pam is one of the best at social media I have seen and is in my Top Five Who Do Social Media Right......

01/12/2013 7:29pm

Hi, Kay -- Thank you for your comment. It appears Weebly does not enlarge document images for viewing, so I emailed the documents to you. (And if anyone else wants them, please let us know). All the best, Janette


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