EPIC board member Kim Votry is writing coach for the Shoreline School District and was recently interviewed on her program to bring together writers from EWHS and a local elementary school. You can read the full story , and check out this list of EWHS student works:

Christina Amsden is writing a play about a sign language interpreter who is interpreting for a deaf man whose mother is dying. She began it while in Mr. Quinn’s creative writing class.

Sylvia Chace's fictional novel,  “The Writing Club,” is about a group of young writers gone awry, told in journal entries from several people and is based on the NaNoWriMo club.

Alexa Stevens participated in her first NaNoWriMo, and is writing a novel about a city of five kinds of vampires, with political rivalry between police, council, and king/prince, in Alaska so that humans don’t interfere. Council members begin dying, so police want to find out what happens and the answer leads to war between the “savages” (old insane vampires) and the civilized vampires.

Emma Tibbits' novel is about an earthquake hitting Seattle, which affects young Victoria. Her father works on Magnitude Project which is supposed to predict earthquakes, but it didn’t predict this earthquake.

Dorian Grimes wrote “Murderous Creatures,” which is available on Amazon and is about a teenage evil boy genius Tevis Jones who works with an evil dolphin to take over the world (dark comedy/satire). Current novel is historical fantasy, which is also a satirical dark comedy about the French Revolution.

Pavi Chance wrote a novel, “The Secret Book,” about a world where you are not aloud to read aloud. Two narrators-in-training, the only people allowed to read, get trapped in a novel and have to get out.

Jackie Kobal wrote a web-based comic with multiple endings about two aliens (an engaged couple) who crash-land into earth, and programmers have to help them get back to their planet. One ending scenario involves the alien king taking over earth; intended as a humorous game.

Anna McLane is working on an ethical choice novel since last August, about a group of people trapped in a bookstore with a shooter who is doing a revenge killing for something in his past, told from the perspective of a girl when a shooter can’t finish it - so the girl has to choose. The book reflects everyone’s perspective to make them all appear innocent. Anna’s problem is deciding what the girl will do (whether to shoot the killer or the criminal who the shooter was going for), needs a solution that isn’t an easy out, but that says something about the girl. Can’t just leave it hanging because it would be too mean if it were left up to the readers.

Liam McDonald is writing a novel as well as a poetry booklet because April is national poetry month, and poetry helps him express his emotions. The booklet is titled “Attention in Time” after a slam poem he wrote for an assignment in English, and it describes struggles and coming to terms with them. The novel is called “Bridge over Troubled Water” for a Simon and Garfunkel song. "Lots of authors write about rags-to-riches, but we ignore the people in the streets - what if someone lost everything and wasn’t given any respect?" Liam’s story tells of Killian Riley, who used to be a CEO of a ‘technology giant’ company in Seattle until it crashed. He is disowned and can’t find another job. He is finally befriended by a department store employee in Seattle. It turns out that not everyone is the cold heartless people we see every day, and that there are people like my friends here who actually care. Writing has been a help, and when he needs it, he sits down at a keyboard and writes poetry, writing through his heart and not his hands.

Belinda Schmitz wrote SciFi-fantasy about dimension jumping half-demons on the run from the government in a graphic novel. She is doing the art herself as well, and Liam says she’s a fabulous artist.

Scarlett Strauss began a novel in 2011, which she finished for NaNoWriMo of November 2013. It's a piratical adventure about a group of high school students who want to escape their ordinary lives, so they turn their imaginings into reality on their own pirate ship.

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