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I'm back! Let's dive right in....With the emphasis on images for effective social content marketing, many of us are challenged by the lack of visual assets in our archives. Sure, we have the cool Instagram pics from our family vacation, but if we aren't photographers or photo-oriented businesses, how do we find images we can use on our websites, blogs, and social networks that don't look cheesy and canned?

Here are 5 royalty-free image options ranging from free to pretty affordable that offer some really usable images. Note that most also include video.

1. - I had never thought of this before, but images from U.S. government agencies are technically "owned by the people." I found this out by calling several agencies to find out their image licensing fees including  and the  and was informed that they were free. Find more U.S. government owned and published images on  and also search Flickr. (Note: You may come across some images that have copyrights and usage terms).

2. - One of the largest, totally free stock photo sites out there, it is now owned by Getty Images. The site still offers photos and graphics with pretty flexible usage terms. Sometimes you have to hunt around for something good, but free is definitely an incentive to use it!
3. - People who upload their images to the photo-sharing site Flickr have the ability to set their own copyrights and usage terms such as giving attribution and "share alike" meaning using the same terms you use to distribute your own images.

4.  - This site helped kickstart the crowdsourcing of photos from both amateur and professional photographers. I keep $50 worth of credits in my account for those times I need very specific, professional-looking images for PowerPoint presentations. 

5.  - "An artist owned co-op with a curated royalty-free collection." Some of the photographers selling images here migrated from the larger royalty-free sites. This one is pricier, starting at $10 per image, but the selections are gorgeous.

A few other stock photo sites include , and . Another freebie is . What stock image sites do you use?



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