Goodbye to all that! Sometimes she wasn't worth it anyway. But other times she was terrific....especially in the lovemaking arena. And sometimes it was a real arena!

She didn't like half the things I liked and I didn't like half the things she liked, so we were like half a couple. We each needed our alone time to really try to resolve our differences.

Why did two Leos get together anyway? My passions were so different from hers and her passions were so different from mine....except in our mutually agreed arena adventures. Wow, I could write a book or two about that and it would surpass the "Shades of Grey." Why, I'd even call it purple or dark red!

Oh, well, it's sad to say goodbye to all that and yet the good memories will be with me forever.

So, what do we do now or, I've got to remember, what do I do now? Yes, I'm a bachelor again and maybe that's the way it should be.

Uh-oh, was that beautiful gal glancing at me? Well, the first thing I have to ask her must be, "Are you a Leo?", and see what her response will be.

"Oh, you are a Leo? Well, I thought you were someone else. I apologize for interrupting your sun bathing."

As I walked away, I thought to myself I should have known better than to be inquiring about relationships on a nude beach in the last hour right before sunset. So I'll say, goodbye to all that!



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