SECTION 2: define reasons exec bd would meet outside reg mtg times & whether this would be open to general membership.

SECTION 6, TERMS:  is the term the calendar year following elections?

 SECTION 8, REMOVAL:  [of  officers not in good standing]  is
there any time notice given, 1 week, 2 weeks??  In exceptional circumstances would the
officer also be removed from general EPIC  membership??

SECTION 9, VACANCIES:  in  case of resignation what is the length of notice required, 2 wks, 1

11, CONFLICT OF INTEREST:  is this  described somewhere in the bylaws?



12/06/2012 3:11pm

Art. I: I agree, the acronym EPIC should be spelled out.
Art.II: I thought the purpose of EPIC was to encourage the literary arts, not all the arts. Maybe it could be said here that EPIC is a partner (or whatever the relationship is) of the Edmonds Arts Com.
Art.IV sec 6b: What are a Creative Director and a Managing Director, and how do they differ from the Pres.? Their duties/definitions should be spelled out and it should be made clear if they’re part of the EB, etc.
Sec 8/Art VI sec 4: I agree with Pam’s comments.
Art VII sec 1: Since we want members to have paid by 1/13 in order to vote, I think dues should be due in Jan (or Feb starting 2014), not Sept.


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